Kauai Ono Review & Hawaii Vacation

My husband and I just got home from a very wonderful, relaxing Hawaii vacation.  We were both extremely sad to leave:( But back to the real world.

We went for some R&R, but before I could sip Mai Thai’s on the beach all day, I had to earn it, so I entered the Kauai Half Marathon.

It was a total blast, and even with all of the hills, I had a pretty good time. Continue reading

South America Packing (Not Paleo Related)

Warning, this post has really nothing to do with paleo, so if you want to stop now feel free.

My Husband and I our off on our 3 week long vacation tomorrow.  Yes, you read that correctly, two corporate america slaves are leaving our desk jobs for three whole weeks, crazy isn’t it? Here is what our trip looks like…

I know what is on every women’s mind right now, “how do you pack for that???”  That is a good question, and I will have more info once I return, but here is what I came up with.

My suitcase – 


It is more of a small carry on bag than a suitcase.  We decided to “backpack” so this was all I am allowed to bring.  My husband has a slightly larger one that will need to be checked.

Now for the clothes….

Multiple Lululemon shirts – 2 reversible long sleeve yogi shirts and one every yogi

Really it is 5 shirts since two of them are reversible.  These are super soft and since they are performance wear, will hopefully wash well in a sink.

Two pairs of Lululemon Track pants – Studio Pant II and Run Track Pant

Jeans and shorts

Shirts which can all be layered with the cardigan

Some gym clothes, do I really plan on running while I am on vacation, not really but there might be other situations when having this stuff will come in handy.

Sweaters and Rain Coat, we are going to the Amazon and Machu Picchu, a rain coat is definitely necessary.

One black dress with multiple scarves (including this one), this will allow me to change up the dress and other outfits so my pictures won’t look like I am wearing the same thing everyday.

Snacks, being paleo on vacation is extremely hard, and I am totally worried about some of our legs.  Going to the amazon for several days means eating what is available.  Steve’s Original and Larabars might just save my life!

Also packing some nighttime wear, woman things, stocks, sandals, one pair of black flats, and a pair of Toms.  Hopefully I can carry it all and totally not look like a tourist the whole time.

See ya in 3 weeks!