How do you buy your meat?

I know what you are thinking, I definitely went off the deep end with Paleo and became one of those people.  Yes, I am now one of those people who choose to purchase my meat directly from a farmer. This is the farmer I am choosing to buy from at the moment –

Their farm is roughly an hour and a half from my home here in Houston, TX and they do not go to any farmers markets, instead they choose to head to a few locations and I can just swing buy and pick up my order. Definitely convenient for me. What also makes it great is they sell beef, chicken, eggs, and pork, so I can basically get all of my meat needs from one farm, now I just need to find a lamb vendor and I am set.

My order from last month which lasted us the whole month.

Ordering from them for the first time was a little nerve racking for me.  I bought over $300 of meat without even trying any of there product first, but I was extremely happy with it.  In the long run it saved us money over Whole Foods and the farmers market and I am supporting a local business. It also allowed us to diversify the meat we ate.  Usually I would buy the same cuts of meat every week, since I ordered them in advance I got to choose a bunch of different cuts I normally wouldn’t buy.

My husband and I really want to make it out to the farm one of these days.  The pictures of the farm make it look straight out of a movie.

Keep up the good work Jason and the Family, can’t wait for my next pick up this week.